Mark Knopfler on BBC Radio 2

A few days ago I got my hands on an interview of Mark Knopfler on BBC.


What do you do on a Sunday afternoon ?

Usually watching motorbike racing.


On Emmylou Harris

Just a joy, the whole thing (the touring). She’s a great woman, really is a great person, Emmy… We sort of come from the same place, really, musically.


On his new home-studio that he finally built moving out of Nashville

..then eventually bit the bullet, got on with it and built my own place, which of course is about twenty years too late, which is about typical for me.


Have you got analog stuff out there ?

Oh yeah, I’ve got analog right out the backdoor.


On the (proper) guitar he got to the studio

It’s a Martin, a signature one. It’s always a thrill for a guitarist to get a signature guitar and they’ve really tried hard with this one and call it the Ragpicker after one of my records. (The Ragpicker’s Dream).


At this point, Mark performs a one-man-no-band version of a song titled “Let It All Go” from his album “Kill To Get Crimson”.

Get a job with a pension
Don?t ever mention
You once had a craving
         for the brushes and paint


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