BarCamp Bangalore Planning Session at Brewhaha and Salad Bar

read_this_first: Christian has finally put the talk that he wanted to give at Yahoo! Hackday India online. If you are into Flickr and/or JavaScript, take a look.

ok_now_read_this:Last evening, between Brewhaha and Salad Bar in Koramangala, we thrashed out issues around BarCamp Bangalore 5 (a.k.a Winter Edition 2007). The debate mostly revolved around three things:

  1. Should we repeat the Collectives based approach like that of BCB4 or should we move to a more standard “Talk/Topic” based approach and let collectives emerge out of those ? Aditya advocated the cause of topic-driven-collectives with real great passion and articulation while Arun Ram, Jace (in his mild-mannered self) and I pushed the need for Collectives to be first-class citizens in Camposphere. Aashish, Kesava, Srinivas, and Akash also had strong opinions one way or the other. We decided to go with Collectives for a variety of reasons, finally. This was a very good debate and the best part was that you could see people “getting” the other person’s point.

    Most of this happened at Salad Bar (after we moved from Brewhaha) so if you are wondering WTF was I, now you know.

  2. Should we cap the number of people ? For now, because of logistics reasons, primarily with the Venue Host IIMB/NSRCEL, we have decided to lock the number at 600, give-n-take 10%. This is open to further talks if we see and huge spurt in participation.
  3. Some people feel that BCB has gone too far beyond what BarCamp is about. Collectives like Bicycling, Photography, Unband seem to have diluted the spirit of BarCamp, which is about (they feel) cutting-edge technology, Internet/mobile/web 2.0 and entrepreneurship.  While most of the people felt that BCB should remain open to people of all sorts as long they do not start something prohibited by law (no Free Hex collectives, please), we also understand the need to address the subterranean gripe by richer content in the core-areas such as Web 2.0 etc.

    One of the guiding principles of BCB is that we fundamentally believe that inter-disciplinary approach is good for the ecosystem and for innovation and that we try to provide a platform that meets that end.


Before we moved to Salad Bar, one good thing that got accomplished under the leadership of Mr. Amit Singh was that the sponsorship fetching collective got together and chalked out a plan. Thats Aboo Bucker, Nishant Baranwal, Amit and yours truly. Now we need to execute.

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