Twitter away

ArunRam finally got me on Twitter. Thanks, Arun.

Micro-blogging — something that has interested me for a long time. Though I have not had enough experience or time to form a set of thoughts on it. Obviously there is a present-tense context. But what really excites me, is say, how twenty years from now historians may be able to reconstruct microhistory from (then) old and cryogenically archived webservers.

Twitter has to have the unprettiest look amongst popular Web 2.0 sites. Till a few days ago, Orkut would have given them a hard fight but now orkut has done a major revamp.

Check out the spatial tension on the right-hand side of the horizontal menubar.

So, what’s the lesson here for us all ? 

  1. Usability is different from Look-n’ Feel. 

Jakob Nielsen’s website remains an affirmation of this.

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