Why computers are unique


Mike Barber, Chief Technical Officer at GE Healthcare, was over at JFWTC today on a global visit. He gave a no-ppt talk on a bunch of issues ranging from Deficit Reduction Act to amyloid plaque accumulation analysis in Alzheimer patients. Mike has been with GE Healthcare for 26 years, starting as an intern from MSOE.

This blog post is not about Mike, but something that he said which hit me like a bullet. I have been a software junkie long enough to have heard a multitude of observations about technology and progress and how computers have changed our lives. Yadda yadda. The old-school hackneyed stuff about agrarian revolution and industrial revolution and information revolution – Moore’s law to Gates’ Law.

But, what Mike articulated was astounding. I am not sure if its an original one, but I’ve never heard it said before and it just blew me away.

Computers are unique – they are the only man made device that helps man to make a better version of the same device.

Deep and outstanding.


One Comment

  1. Interesting insight, but I think it makes a better/[refined/newer] man everyday. We have never used any other tool to change ourself as computer and that may be the reason we want to make it better.


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