Inclusion into mailing lists

I had created a mailing list about 18 months back when I used to work at Clinical Software Engineering (my previous team at GE). Was supposed to be a group where people could share tech/geek stuff.


The list was quite inactive yet once in a while I’d get  a mail from a new person asking to be let in. And I did, wondering as to why somebody would want to join a dead group.

Today I found out that my name itself was absent from the mailing list. It seems that the enterprise group-mail software does not add the creator’s mailing address to the list by default.

Convention over configuration, please.


One Comment

  1. Am a victim too ….. I have not been receiving my teams emails for the past couple of months.. This morning I realised that my team was planning some fun outings and puzzled on why I was not included… until I realised that my name was not included in the mailing list I created…you cannot take things for granted… you might be the owner of the mailing list.. but that desn’to gaurantee a copy of all mails to be sent to you.


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