CardIQ Physio goes M4

This post may not be relevant to people outside GE, but this is a personal milestone for me. After close to a year’s hard work laced with bouts of extreme frustration, painful lessons learnt and about 30000 frequent flyer miles leading to a few pleasantly surprising business class upgrades, CardIQ Physio has gone from scratch to unlimited production.

CardIQ Physio is an advanced medical image processing and segmentation software that analyses PET cardiac images and helps doctors understand and judge the condition of the heart.

I have played a humble little role in this story — that of the Lead Program Integrator — the person at whom the buck stops. The person who does nothing himself but is the invisible glue that holds everybody in the 30-odd global team (5 countries) together. Well, I did fix a couple of bugs in the software code 🙂

In all, this has been a great learning experience, meeting some amazing people down the way as well as some not-so-amazing kind. Real sweet pleasant memories — too many to enumerate, but here’s an attempt :

  1. Eating at a dinky restaurant with Peter in a small lane next to Notradame and watching the usherer at the next restaurant break China plates to attract customers.
  2. The road trip from Waukesha to Michigan State University and back, a solid 20 hours on the road amidst a terrible snowstorm. What was worse was having Sarah and Premprakash in the car !@#$$%&^*&
  3. Countless hours with the software team fighting over test output, schedule, late night pizza and bug fixes.
  4. My first business class upgrade from Paris to Atlanta. The attendant telling me in French accented English, “Sorry, we’ve goat a phoblem. Would you mind if upghade you to biziness klass”. I was a very understanding person that day and did my best to alleviate his problem.
  5. At Boston, meeting Santanu (my buddy from schooldays who’s not half as bright as me but is going to Wharton), sitting on the road and great adda.
  6. On the way back from Boston, fiercely negotiating a free night stay at the luxurious Marriott in Cincinnati because the flight was delayed due to airline issues.
  7. Jerome Knoplioch say “Un semaine est assez” {A week is enough} when I meekly disclosed my intent to learn French during a one-week stay in Buc. (You have to meet JK to know whether it was sarcasm or a polite gesture — I still don’t). But now I can speak introductory French.
  8. Meeting Suranjan (another deep buddy) in Milwaukee, a night long drinking binge till 3:00 am in the morning in his hotel room on hand-bottled Southern whiskey and departing at 7:30 am because I had to go work. Suranjan still is zonked out about how someone can go to work so early in the morning after a bing (again, you’ve got to know Suranjan to understand this 🙂
  9. Signing of ME on Sept 29, 2007.

Too many more to recollect, but 9 is a nice number to stop.

This was the first full fledged application program going out from Bangalore so its a real nice feeling. I can now make my next career move with a big smile.


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