Ups and Downs of a Day

Life is made of ups and downs. Mostly downs. This can be thermodynamically proven. Up is a state of inequilibrium with accumulation of potential energy. The law of increasing entropy demands that the energy be restored(dissipated) and objects and people return to a state of down — i.e equilibrium.

Down: [8:04 a.m]
Last night, Maui coughed a lot. Quite in conjunction with Aditi and my discussion that she was doing better on the chest infection front with regular dosage of
Septilin. So, I am working from home, today. And among other things, I will try to blog at regular intervals and see if my state is up or down.

Up: [8:05 a.m]
Getting ACE to work with Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition finally seems to work. About three days of work invested, close to 6-8 hours, I would guess. Perseverance pays. (but the interest rate is not that high). This
article helped a lot.

Down: [8:31 a.m]
Maui got up. She is still coughing badly. Warm water, honey being served. She still does not have fever (good).

Up: [9:36 a.m]
Went out and bought a steam vaporizer for Maui. The old one conked out last night. Sent an SMS to Rashmi on her birthday.

Up: [10:40 a.m]
Made myself a full English breakfast with omelettes, sausages, toast, vegetables, complete with a glass of juice. The downside is the time on my clock.

Down: [10:46 a.m]
The credit card bill arrived.

Down: [11:21 a.m]
Just came back from the doctor’s clinic. Maui’s cough seemed to have aggravated so decided to take her in. Dr. says it’s common cold (which is triggering her cough) — got to be common, she has this thrice a month.

Up: [12:15 p.m]
Showed Maui, astride on my shoulders, two helicopters passing over our house. The smaller one (at a further distance) is the “Baby heli” and the larger one (quite close), the “Mamma heli”. Mamma heli is looking for Baby heli (naughty, always runs away here and there, without telling Mamma heli). That’s the plot. Read somewhere (I think SJR Park basement parking lot), “The best place to go to with a child is her imagination”.

Down: [12:49 p.m]
A colleague at HR dept called for a meeting. But I am away from work.

Up: [1:11 p.m]
Maui fell asleep while having Chicken soup. Put her to bed  in a slight upslant. Not coughing now.

Down: [1:13 p.m]
Got an SMS from Rashmi. Aparajita is having vision problems.

Down: [2:29 p.m]
Was looking at the profiles of some of my once-upon-a-time peers on LinkedIn. Suddenly, this Floyd song comes to mind:
“And then one day you find
Ten years have gone behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun”

Down: [4:42  p.m]
Checked CardIQ Physio program approval status. No progress since yesterday.

I think I can stop here for the day.


9:13 pm
Would have been dishonest to my blog to have gone to sleep without posting this update. A little while ago, I saw Light. Up. Definitely up.


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