Do you have a hiccup remedy ?

Around 13:20 hours today, at office, I had a hiccup attack. Before I could say “Nincompoop”, I started throwing out grotesque grunts from what I seemed like the deepest part of my belly (or somewhere close). To my horror, I realized that my bottle of water was empty.

My colleagues for a few seconds were clueless as to the source of the sound and then they saw me dash out of the quad. Lest, they have reasonable doubts about the source, I muttered “Hicca”.

While walking towards the pantry to fetch a pail of water, I tried out what usually works best for me. Drawing in a large breath of air and locking it inside the lungs and exerting a pressure towards the outside. Sure as hell, it worked.

A little reading on the web reveals that digital rectal massage works for some.

What works for you ?


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