Books and Hippocampus

Saturday is the busiest day of the week. Today, I will take Maui to Hippocampus to return her library books and renew her membership. Hippocampus is a very nice library for kids, toddlers to adolescents, which we all like to visit. There are regular events for kids like book-reading, wall-painting, cooking (!). Even I, oftentimes, steal a book from Maui’s quota of five. This week, it was ….

A random one from the book, picked after about 20 tries,

“Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much”
— John Wayne

Talking of books, I think I am going to dump my British Council Library (Bangalore) membership. It’s a bit of a distance from where I stay, the collection is pitiful, the charges steep. A year ago, too, I thought quite the same. Moreover, I have not gone to BCL since April and cannot claim to have missed it much. I think I will put that money in to pay for some of my guitar equipment.

Beginning of this year, I had a goal to read 52 books by December 31. I am so pathetically far away that I will not even dare to blurt out the number. But its OK, as the year has gone by, I have been doing equally interesting things and have been keeping quite busy.

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  1. Thanks, Preeti. I registered and browsed through some of the books. Great for people who know exactly what they want to read. I may end up spending a bunch of money behind books that I will finally not read completely. I will post if I go/subscribe.


  2. Makes sense.

    Well do post about interesting places like Hippocampus – in north Bangalore, if any.

    There is a saturday activity for kids at Apple of my I – its a kids store in indiranagar. Small space but they do try to make it interesting.


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