Freedom at Midnight

This ain’t easy. For the last five minutes, I have been trying, without any success, to write, what would arguably be my first post on this new blog. My spanking new blog: Journey of the Journeyman.

For those who have been following me on Livejournal know that’s the name of my Livejournal blog as well. And some of you know that I have another blog, Quacksort, on blogspot. So, excuse me, why another one ?

I can take a guess, but before I lose track, let me tell you. I promised myself a few minutes ago that I would write this post with the flow, no edits, no choreography of words, no solemn thinking, no crumple-the- paper-in-disgust-and-start-from-scratch business. This is it. What comes out of my keyboard is what goes up this time. No second chances.

So coming back to the question, why yet another blog ?
For quite some time, I was torn between my Livejournal and Quacksort. I could never decide which post goes where, whether I should cross-post and if not, why not. LJ is bad at tagging and Blogspot is bad at threading. LJ user interface sucks (free version), while blogspot is slow. I could never quite find the right balance.

So, on the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence, I gift my friends, myself and countrymen (in that order), this blog.

Does this mean my life on Livejournal will cease? I don’t know for sure. While I search for that answer, please subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog (or for the technologically obsolete, bookmark this page) and enjoy whatever is left of your miserable life listening to my rants and grunts.



  1. Yes, Jace. The anti-spam algo at Blogger decided it was a spam blog. I am trying to get some human intervention. I will freeze that blog, though, but still. Thanks for dropping by my new blog.


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